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Starting off your weight loss program when you’re not fully prepared is definitely undesirable. Not only will you lose motivation along the way, you won’t reap the maximum results of your training. Here is a simple, yet comprehensive list of preparations that I’d suggest you getting before embarking on your weight loss journey.

1. Gym Membership (or a Home Gym)

If you’re serious about losing fat, it’s either you join a local gym, or get a set of home gym equipments. We all know that losing fat isn’t all about dieting and cardio — you need to couple them with the right amount of resistance training as well.

Joining a local gym gives you all the necessary equipments to sculpt your body to the way you want it to be. Of course, you can do just fine with body-weight training as well, but having those advanced bodybuilding machines around would undoubtedly help in targeting areas that you want to buff much easier.

If joining a local gym is impossible for you, I’d suggest you getting a set of dumbbell rack and an adjustable bench at home. That’s all you need, really.

2. Supplements

I can’t stress enough the importance of proper supplementation in your workout, especially when you’re trying to lose body fat. While cutting back on calories (as well as your food intake), chances are high that you’ll be getting less nutrition from the foods you’re eating as well. Proper nutrition is essential in promoting a good overall healthy lifestyle. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to compromise that just to fit in to a pair of jeans!

Other than that, supplementations also help to promote faster recovery and provide you with more energy to aid you in your training. I’d suggest you getting at least a multivitamin, fish oil (EFAs) and some protein powders to begin with. You may want to add-on other supplements to this stack once you’ve progressed further later on.

I’ve written a whole article on supplementations that you might want to take a look. Here’s the link – Lose Fat With The Right Supplements.

3. Sportswear

If you’re new to the gym, I’m sure that you’ll be wondering what’s the most proper dress code to go with a gym. Let me tell you that there is no such thing. Well, as long as it doesn’t defy common sense – I’ve never seen anyone wearing a skirt or gown to the gym!

  • Tops & Bottoms As I’ve mentioned before, there are no rules. But I’d suggest that you get the right top and bottom for your workout of the day. For instance, I’d want to get a sleeveless T or just tank top if I know that I’ll be working on my chest, arms and shoulders that day. If I’m going to do HIIT cardio that day, I’d try not to wear a long sports pants as it tends to restrict my lower body movements

  • Lifting gloves Yes — this is a must have for ladies who wants to do some sort of resistance training to complement their fat loss program. It protects your hands from getting rough as you get accustomed to lifting. Just make sure you don’t get a leather one as it tends to smell when it comes into contact with sweat over time.

  • Sports Shoes You’ll need a good pair of shoes as well. Since you’re going to lose body fat, you’ll need to do plenty of cardio, and a lot of interval trainings. A bad pair of shoes will not give you the supportive footwork that you need, and will end up injuring yourself.

  • Sports Bra Females intending to do some high intensity training should always consider investing in a suitable sports bra. Too much movements would cause you real discomfort, causing you to not being able to train at the intensity that you want to. Support from sports bra will minimize the unwanted movements at your chest area and let you “go for it” at the gym.

4. Accessories in Your Gym Bag

Aside from exercise garments, you might also want to consider bringing these along to the gym as well:

  • Shaker It’s recommended to take your post-workout supplements within 30 minutes after your workout. While you can always consume them at home, having them directly after a workout would be ideal

  • Water bottle(s) You’ll need to consume plenty of water before, during and after your workout. Most gyms provide drinking water for their members’ to refill their depleted water bottles. However, there are some gyms that don’t. In the event that your gym do not provide such facility, remember to bring 2 or 3 bottles of water along to the gym.

  • MP3 player/USB drive Low intensity, long cardio sessions are great for fat loss, but they tend to get boring very quickly. A very good way to kill boredom is to bring your own MP3 player and jog on the treadmill while listening to your favourite workout songs. Many gyms also provide linked LCD TV just in front of your cardio machine so you can always plug in a movie via a USB drive to watch while you’re on your long cardio sessions.

  • Workout Log You’re not improving if you’re not tracking. A workout log is an essential tool that everyone that’s on a fat loss mission should have.

In case you’re looking to purchase the supplement, accessories and equipment listed above, feel free to head over to our Fit Body Store and make your selection. We have all the items you need to get yourself prepared for a tough but fruitful fat loss journey ahead!

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